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True Horse Connection


Horses relate to your authentic self.  If your outward appearance doesn’t align with your inward person, a horse knows it. Horses allow you to be who you are, but they want the real you.  They give you the ability to see yourself by reflecting back to you how you are showing up in life.  They will subtly challenge you and support you to let go of pretense, fear, unhelpful and unwanted behaviors, and connect you with your authentic self.  They help you help yourself to grow, to become centered, connected and real giving you the opportunity to proactively change your life for the better.  

My role is to facilitate the process, and help you take the journey, whether you are a seasoned rider or someone who has never interacted with a horse before.  I provide safe and supportive environment, to guide clients with specially trained horses (or your own horse) to take this journey together. Through a sequence of exercises, you are guided through a process of self-discovery and deep learning, which translated into deep spiritual insight and connection, and the opportunity for meaningful growth and life-change.  Some clients have expressed incredible breakthroughs with their first lesson.

True Horse Connection: Services
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