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I teach beginner through advanced riding.  I help beginners understand that riding involves a relationship with the horse, and knowledge about how to approach a horse, to ride safely and with confidence, and of course, to have fun.

My specialty is with intermediate and advanced riders, in whatever discipline, helping them get to the next level and beyond. Since I have taken this journey to an advanced rider, working with exceptional trainers, including Olympic competitors in Eventing, I share my extensive experience and valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way.    

If you are looking to start something new or to move up to the next level in jumping, eventing, or dressage, I will help you meet your personal or competition goals.  We will work together.  I listen to where you are, and where you want to go.  Together we come up with a realistic and personal program that will challenge you and your horse, while building confidence in a partnership between you.  We will develop your capabilities and take you as far as you want to go in your field of interest.

Whether trail riders or competitors, my clients gain courage, confidence, the knowledge and ability to reach their goals and become the rider they dreamed they could become. 

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