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I have been re-training horses off the race track into eventers, show jumpers, polo horses, fox hunters and trail horses for over twenty-five years.  I assess every horse as an individual.  My philosophy is to attentively listen to the horses, find out who they are, what they know, where their strengths and weaknesses are.  During this process, I discover the degree of their willingness to go with me in their training and how to take them forward.  They set the stage for how I proceed, both in pace, and what methods will be used for training.  Connecting with horses and moving them forward is my specialty.  

It is important for me to listen to the owner and learn their horse’s entire story.  We talk over short and long term goals.  Then we create a plan together that best suites the horse and owner, creating the greatest opportunity for success. Whether the goal is a safe and well trained trail horse, or an international competitor, I will bring out the best in your horse.

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