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Ground Training


The most basic of all trainings but also the most important, ground work builds confidence in the horse and the rider.  It allows you to understand boundaries, both the horse’s and your own.  This creates a mutually respectful relationship.  Trust starts from the ground up. If the horse trusts you, you get better results when you ride him.

Most believe you must dominate your horse to gain respect. I work with you through specific training to cooperate.  If you begin by asking a horse, the horse learns to respect you because you respect him. Sometimes you must be tough, but if you approach the horse respectfully, in the end you have a more willing partner.  

Throughout my riding career I have continued be open to learning, and add to my knowledge and understanding of how to be more effective.  I have come to see that good groundwork is the essential foundation for good riding.  Whether it’s training the horse and the rider, or the horse itself, the learning is swift, deep and lasting. Clients, even those with a long riding history, are amazed by the process and the results. 

Ground Training: Service
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